Subj:   May 29, 1999 reunion
Date:  6/1/99 4:32:15 AM Mountain Daylight Time

Dear Everyone,

A total of 40 HS classmates, 2 GS classmates  and 8 teachers attended the reunion. The reunion started off with some of the girls deciding that they were not going to put name tags on anyone just yet so that we can all play the "Guess Who" Game.  Pati ako, muntik bumagsak.  I swear I thought I was in another place.  I almost did not identify Luchie Beltran and Gina Gutierrez.

Well, as expected many of the girls could not recognize our classmates immediately. We had to guide them through each one.  Anyway,  since we all were subjected to this unpleasant task of admitting to a certain amount of Alzheimer's,  I decided to do the same to you guys abroad and those who did not attend the reunion.

Some of the stories from the reunion:

We asked everyone to say a little something about each one.  Kawawang Ms. Garcia - some of our classmates told her that she either gave them a red mark or failed them in Algebra.

Anyway,  when it was Evelyn's turn, she recited a poem which she dedicated to Sr. Bernadette.  It was about a canvas, which represented our lives. When people passed it, they took the brush and left their mark on it.  But the painting is unfinished.  It is up to us to leave it as it is or make into a masterpiece.

We found out that some of our teachers already passed away - Ms. Guia Crisolo and Ms. Norma Pena.

Sr. Bernadette spoke in behalf of our teachers and she commended us for the efforts to get together.  She even quoted or made reference to Dante's Inferno (or was it Paradise Lost) and asked us if we already knew which circle we belonged to…Actually, all the teachers were very happy to see us and they said that this was the happiest reunion they ever attended.  Sabi ni Sr. Bernadette that this is because we have allowed ourselves to remain naughty and that is why we are such a fun group.  It was as if we just left high school yesterday. Wala daw masyadong pagbabago…While Beth and the others were smoking outside and they saw our teachers watching them, Beth opened the door and said to them "Look, ma'am ! I'm smoking."  They just laughed.

Mae and Pinky sang for us and we saw Ms. Simon wiping her tears as they sang.  Pinky thanked her for being her mentor.

Did you know that even Sr. Luisa got caught up in the reunion?  She was calling the other sisters to attend.  She was the one who convinced Sr. Theresia and Sr. Marina to attend. As she left,  she made me promise to invite them again when we have another reunion.  She said, "Parang nag-reunion na rin kaming mga madre."  She promised to get in touch with Sr. Miriam, who is in Tugegarao, to tell her to attend the homecoming.  Sr. Josefa, our G2 teacher, is in Antipolo daw and she'll tell her to come down to attend.

The GS nuns could not remember all of us.  Pati nga ako, hindi maalala ni Sr. Marina.  But the moment she saw my picture in the yearbook, she said "Ikaw pala iyan. Ang sarap pisilin ng pisngi mo noon."  Sina Sr. Theresia remembers  Brenda Martinez,  Rita Cruz,  Bambi Vasquez, Beth Martin.  I know why!  Kasi, most of our mothers were always in St. Paul during GS.

I can't recall too many stories cuz just as in the past,  I was making the rounds and hardly had any opportunity to engage on a one-on-one conversation with anyone.  I hope the others do share some stories that they picked up during the reunion.

We have to congratulate Zamby for a job well done.  She really went all out to get so many girls to the reunion. She called them, she sent them telegrams, then called them again.  And they came. She thanked those who did come for making her job easy. 

Malu also did a good job.  The food was great and service was good.  Dettie and Dolly, huwag niyong ibebenta ang bahay niyo sa Forbes. O di kaya eh baka pa-rentahan niyo sa Yugoslavs to use as an  embassy - huwag!!!!!

Again,  congratulations to our batch for another successful reunion.  Keep up the good work.  And stay involved.