Sunny's Post-Performance Review (excerpts)

Subject: Sleeping Beauty
From: Sunny

Dear Classmates,

We're very happy to announce that our second fund-raising project was another success. We were able to collect over P30,000 yesterday and unofficially, we raised over P50,000 in this project.

Of course, our guest Ms. Valera had so much fun. Even if she was leaving that night and with the bad weather and all, she still attended…You may have heard that we had some bad weather the past two days prior to the showing. The whole of Metro-Manila was flooded Friday and Saturday as in neck-deep in some parts. We were really afraid that no one would show up. When I woke up at 6:00 a.m., the skies were so dark. But prayers do get answered cuz even if the clouds were dark over the whole Metropolis, hinintay munang matapos ang affair. We were even able to have lunch and do some malling before going home.

Again, to Malu, congratulations for a job well done. It was a real fun family affair.

Thanks to all those who supported our project.