Subj: Ateneo/SPCM Reunion Picture

The picture looks fabulous! I did recognize the girls except for Chelo and Pilita. Now for the boys -- Toby has definitely looked matured from his boyish looks when he was still first year high school. Popot Lorenzana -- yes, it's still Popot, one of the nicest from the batch. Mari (our pabling guy), Chochoy Cojuangco -- he was my daddy kringle and I still remember he gave me this Christian Dior blue porcelain container on the last day which he probably got from his Mom, didn't recognize him either, and so with Mike Ampil and Manny 5. But hello to all anyway. You're all looking GOOD! Should we have a before and after picture????

It's nice to see all of you together.

Ching (SPCM HS'75)