Carol's Story:

The NorCal reunion was a lunch affair held at my Lafayette residence last May 6th. Erika and Mae C. brought a lot of food (Chinese), certainly enough to feed everyone both lunch AND dinner while I provided dessert and coffee. Erika rented a large van to transport Sunny, Kiko and her two boys, Mitzi (live from New York!), Janette and Louie D. (Erika's son) from South SF. Patty Hidalgo, whom I have not seen since grade school, drove in from Suisun City. She decided to leave her 1-1/2 month old daughter with her hubby. She looked really good, especially for someone who just gave birth. Malu S. arrived from Las Vegas. Later, Mae arrived with her son Jae and Ginny drove in from LA with her hubby Art just that morning. They were staying with family in nearbly Walnut Creek for the night. Last but not least, was Maddy who must have driven almost 200 miles that day between her home, the Air Force reserve training, the reunion and back. Her arrival was somewhat dramatic since I was somewhere else in the house and Erika called me to tell me, "Hoy! May pulis sa pintuan!" I thought "Oh no! Baka nagtawag na ng pulis ang mga neighbors kasi masyadong maingay kami or illegally parked ang mga guests sa kalye!" Anyway, surprise! si Maddy pala in full military garb, straight from training. We told her not to bother changing na lang.

We celebrated the May birthdays with cake and ice cream cake (which Malu brought--sarap!). Sunny got a darling present in solid milk chocolate from Ginny Chico. Can you tell what it is from the photo? The boys were also entertained between the basketball game on TV and Louie and Jae in the computer room. Ginny's hubby Art was a hit with the kids. Sunny's son Enzo took well to sweeping up the crumbs from the floor using my daughter's kid-size broom and dustpan. Kiko, I think, was speechless for a while there. As always, there was a lot of tsismis and photo shooting. It was a really fun time. We wish you were there too!

Sunny's take (excerpts)

First surprise of the day......When I got to Erika's house, ang daming ek-ek ni Erika. As in vini-video pa ako upon my arrival sa bahay niya. Bakit???? And she kept talking about experimenting with her camera and then from her bedroom comes this mestiza. Say ko naman...."Sinong Revilla ito?" Si Pita pala! Erika wanted to see my reaction and she got it! As in para akong tanga na naka-stare kay Pita and my mind rejecting na si Pita nga iyon. Mga bastos!

On my second day, I got a call at the hotel from someone who said "Hello, is this Sunny Escareal? I'm from the census bureau and I have to interview you." I said to myself, classmate ko ito but I couldn't place the voice. So I let her talk until naubusan siya ng sasabihin and she started laughing. It was Louella. Totoo nga (as Mae already reported) she's working part-time as a census taker. She actually has 5 jobs right now. It allows her daw to take care of her kids , etc. Well, she explained to me that she couldn't make it to the reunions cuz she's working on weekends. Take a load of her kwentos about the census:

1. She goes to this house and knocks (or rings the doorbell). Immediately, 10 dogs rush to meet her, all growling. And she says, "Eh diba Sunny, pag sampu ang doberman na sumalubong sa iyo....dapat ang tawag doon...dobermen?" Sigue na nga.

2. At another house, there was this woman who refused to grant her the interview. According to the woman, she already sent in her form. They have a looooooong argument about it and finally she convinces the woman to talk to her. So Loeulla starts, "OK, so is this 35 South Street." The woman answers, "No. This is 36." So Louella says, "Well, OK. That was a short interview. Thanks." And she leaves. Kahiya-hiya.

3. She boasts of her Windows 2000. Akala namin it had something to do with her new work and that she is now computer literate. Ang pala, the dentist pulled out tow of her upper teeth kaya when she smiles, dalawang butas ang makikita mo. Kasi naman, the dentist was charging her US$1,000 each for a crown and US$100 for an extraction. Sabi ni Louella, "If I have that crown, will that make me the Queen of England?" "No!" the dentist said. Pinabunot na lang niya.

Mitzi flew in on May 5 from New York. We decided to pick up Janette and Louella and we had a mini-reunion sa bahay ni Erika. That night, we picked up Louella. Imagine, we stayed up until 2 in the morning, just laughing our heads off with Louella. Kwento niya ang 5 jobs niya. Puro part-time kaya she gets the lousiest hours as in weekends. That's why she can't attend the reunions. Told her nga next time, we'll have it na lang in Erika's house para makapunta lang siya cuz everyone misses her na.

Finally, May 6 came and we all went to Carol's house in Lafayette. Birthday party of Janette, May, Moi and Erika and also Kiko. As usual ang daming pagkain na naman. Tabaan blues… Malu came of course… Ginny drove over from LA with Art. Talagang ang lakas ni Ginny…! Patty Hidalgo was also present. Some of you may not know her. She was our classmate in Grade School. She transferred to Maryknoll for high school but she still remembers a lot of us. Sus!! You should see her and Carol. Siya kakapanak pa lang, sexy na. Si Carol naman, buntis, sexy pa rin. How do they do that?

Then just as we were preparing to leave, Maddy arrives in fatigue uniform. Niloko nga nila ako and asked me if there was something wrong with my passport. Sabi ko naman wala. Kasi daw may taga US military na hinahanap ako. Si Maddy pala. Well, picture-picture again.

And of course, for the first time since her departure from the Philippines, nagkita kami ni Mae C...... Showed her the pictures of our homecoming cuz she left right after. Kwentuhan about what happened after she left. She's still adjusting to her new job. She was flying to LA the next weekend after Tahoe to hobnob with the UC alumni, etc. Everything's going well with our Mae C.

We even go the chance to reminisce with our old friend Jodi Ocampo from Ateneo High School who also became my batchmate in La Salle. We again watched the Homecoming tape. Si Ginny nga nagbibilang kung it was worth the US$20. It became worth it when she saw her closeup sa video. Eh di OK na!

The next day, reunion naman sa bahay ni Cecile Lozada. Kasi she couldn't make it to Carol's house cuz of a previous engagement. We were joined by Marlu and Pita. So all in all, it was Malu, Marlu, Cecile, Pita, Erika, Janette, Mitzi and myself.