A Tribute to Ana Pacia

Though you passed this life but short, many a life you've moved.

A shining example of courage, strength and steadfastness,

Your last battle has been bittersweet...

Thank you for the warm memories.

Thank you for the unity you created.

Thank you for the outpouring of generosity and love.

Thank you for allowing us to briefly share in your life.

Thank you for the lessons your life exemplified.

May the angels guide you up to Heaven,

As you meet the Great Creator, the Alpha and the Omega

Forever in His presence, forever live in bliss and peace.

(This poem was written in Ann's memory by our classmate, Myrna Soriente. At the request of the family, our classmate Zamby Arnaiz also delivered it in behalf of our batch at the Eulogy Mass for Ann on Aug 11, 1999.)