Ann's News Flash (excerpts)

Subject: [spcm] no. cal mini-reunion
From: Ann Arellano-M
am sending this balita dahil erika's unable to get connected as of yet...present: erika m, dettie & dolly t, louella a, carol g, ann a, blanche s,  cecile l.

dettie nd dolly showed us the rembrandt fotos, the yrbook layout, tshirt... the reunion was just fun. si louella ang official greeter, welcome committee.  she couldn't stay long dahil duty daw sya sa library: 2days lang naman ang  work nya, sat & sun! not like us 5days/wk. accdng to her, masarap ang handa:  she invited all to eat nd took credit for the food on the table, all done by  her. eh anong ginawa namin? kumain! bati nya sa akin, "haaay, masahe, masahe,  kailangan ko ng masahe," sabay wiggle ng shoulders nya eh bitbit kong pagkain  at kung ano pa papasok pa lang ako sa my hands were full. sabay  beso-beso na. ano ba yan...

tapos, si carol g., na-biktima. kase naman serious 'tong si carol therefore  gullible. tipong nag usapan/tanungan kung sinong hubby mo silang dalawa. sabi  ni louella, si mr cruz daw ang hubby nya so around the table, isipan "cruz???  di ba angeles sya?" wasn't until she spelled out kay carol "c-r-u-i-s-e" ....  spells 'tom.'

endless streams of kodakan, tipong nabulag yata kaming lahat sunod-sunod at  sabay sabay ang flash ng cameras. akala mo may press-con nangyayari. it was  bedlam w/ conversation going on all at once, loud laughter so u had to shout  to be heard. somewhere in all this, i managed to lose my voice nd medyo  pumipiyok na ko during my "interview " w/ cecile h, dettie nd dolly for the  mini-bio. "this is all louella's fault," sabi ko tungkol sa voice loss. wish  u all were there: hindi pa halloween pero natakot na yung mga anak ni blanche  sa kanya, asking "will she be there?"

pita's in-charge of updating the directory: we saw this nd updated/corrected  some data about ourselves. if u think any of the flwng info has changed about  you, pls. advise pita and/or your area coordinator so the changes can be made  as far as the y2k annual is concerned. address: res & work;   tel no.:  res & work;   spouse/children: spouse name,  names/ages of kids; your b/date; oth nos.: cell, pager, fax; occupation.

we enjoyed viewing the rembrandt concert video: the spectacles u girls made  of yourselves....hmmmm, para wala kayong mga anak, ha? sayang we couldn't  make out termite closely to see her straight hair. malu, congrats for the  success of this concert. great pa din ang dancing ni ditas after all these  years.  wud've been super kung pinky nd mae were together. mae, ayaw mo bang  mag-unretire?  yeyette's still her "demure" self  na biglang pinasukan ng  kung ano.

si cecille l., sinundo si marlou h. but she lost her voice due to stress at  work. so cecille went ahead instead w/ her daughter who's almost as tall as  she is.

erika did a superb job of organizing this small reunion. we had more than  enough food for everybody and it just felt soooooo good to see everyone after  almost 24 yrs or so. you gels just had to be there.

all i can remember,