Sunny's After-Concert Review (excerpts)

Subj: Rembrandt Concert
Date: 4/18/99 Mountain Daylight Time

Dear Everyone,
I am very happy to report that the Concert was a huge success.  We were able to fill up the lounge that had a 300-sitting capacity.  I don't have the statistics yet but we  also had some walk-in patrons. We were 25 from HS '75.  Then we had 2 of our grade school classmates, Yambi Yambao and Rosemarie Tapay.

In addition to Batch 75, we had other Paulinians in the crowd:
1.  HS '67 - my sister, Celia E. Sandejas
2.  HS '70 - Norski Sison-Garcia (batch of Ms. Simon)
3.  HS '72 - Tita Perlas-San Juan and 3 of her batchmates
4.  HS '76 - Baba Arellano (sis of Ann)
4.  HS '78 - Cecile Fernandez (slave natin and a former bandmember of Family Birth)
5.  HS '80 - Sarita Jovellanos (Lia's sis)
6.  HS '82 - Bunny Fernandez (sis of Cecile)
7.  HS '85 - my sis, Amy and 2 of her classmates

Sayang nga cuz my sister Weng got caught in traffic and my sister Chiqui is in the States. That would have added 2 more years in our list.  But Chiqui's husband and 2 sons were there so parang represented na rin ang batch nila. I heard that Florian's sister also came but I was not able to get her name and year graduated.

Mae sang one song and 2 medleys with the band and she even got some of our classmates up on stage to dance with her.  Unang-una na sina Beth R., Ditas S., and Malu S.  plus Cecile F.   Then she sang "It's Too Late" and then joined the band in a Gloria Estefan medley.   She still has it.  My sister nga asked why Mae isn't singing anymore. 

Mae - you can come back anytime and still rock the house with your voice. Sayang nga cuz Pinky was not able to go cuz she had a previous engagement with the Angfourgetables at the Siete Pecados.  That would have been a treat, Pinky and Mae singing together.  Well, if all goes well, we will see them sing together.  We just have to plan it out.

Mae also made mention of the original Boyfriends.  Three of them were there - Tom Carunungan from La Salle, Boogie Hernandez and Jojo Luna from Letran.

We also had a picture-taking on stage.  I have the pictures but not all faces came out  but I do have group pictures except Termite cuz she came in late.  She was with her daughter. Aside from Termite, some of us brought our kids - Dettie, Dolly, Mae, Mona A., Daisy and myself.  Dolly's was the youngest. And I can say they all enjoyed seeing their mothers make fools of themselves.

But no one can beat Yeyette…Imagine, the band was playing "MacArthur's Park" and the lead singer was emoting sa stage.  Everyone's eyes were glued to the singer when all of a sudden, in comes this woman in black and she does her own version of interpretative dancing.  She then pirouettes in the middle of the stage ala ballerina with arms outstretched to the ceiling. By this time, nagtatawanan na ang mga tao.  Then she exits and then comes to me and says "Ano ang masasabi ni Ditas Santos sa dancing ko?" What she didn't know was that one of her students was in the crowd.  So her student says "Ma'am, ganyan ka pala."  She said "Dito lang, iha! Huwag mong ikukwento sa school, ha?"

Overall, we had a fantastic night.  Some already asked kung kailan ang susunod.  We made over P40,000, covered the bar guaranty and even sold some T-shirts which we almost forgot to sell. 

We should all be proud of Malu S. for having put together this fund-raising project.  Not only did she organize it but she is also the top ticket seller having sold over 60 tickets.  Kami nina Mae and Dettie, supporting staff lang kay Malu in this project.  TY also to other ticket sellers, Dada, Ludgie, Malen, Dolly, Cookie, Tawie, Janette, Zamby, Pita, Yamby and Pinky.

Until the next mail.

From Philippine Daily Inquirer,  LIFESTYLE, April 9, 1999


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