Maisa's Scoop (excerpts)

Date:   5/7/99 9:56:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time

We had fun in May Gaite's house last night. There were 9 of us there (not counting their kids and hubbies): May, Dolly, Dettie, Marivic Resureccion, Stella Abadilla, Penny dela Pena, Marissa Maceda, Joyce Tioseco and myself. Ang saya! We had fun especially when we were recollecting the kalokohans and funny situations.  May was relating how she "taught" a classmate Algebra and said it was like her personal goal at the time for her  to pass the subject. Tawa kami ng tawa!  We took some pictures and I'm sure Dolly and Dettie will be sharing them with you at the May 29th reunion.

Take care and have fun as always!