Carol's Scoop!

We had a lovely time at the SoCal reunion, held at May Gaite's new home in Tarzana. I practically waddled in (29 weeks pregnant) from SF since we were also celebrating my in-laws' birthdays that same weekend. Maisa was there too from Iowa as her husband Francis happened to be attending a conference in Newport Beach. There was laughter and food galore and Penny was, as expected, a gas! For one thing, our esteemed organizer (Penny) came fashionably late although rumor had it that this was to be expected since she drives at 5 mph on the highways of L.A. Nonetheless, her arrival was heralded as she came bearing lots of food while she regaled us with stories of how long it took her to get her hair ready and how worried she was that it would flatten out by the time she arrived at the party. We all enjoyed the time together. I ended up leaving somewhat early (around 5 pm) in order to make previous dinner reservations with my in-laws. I'm sure the party went on long after that…

Sunny's Account (excerpts)

The first of the reunions was held in May Gaite's new house in Tarzana, CA. Hmmmm. Ang galing talagang mang-buyo ni Ma'am Malu. As in hindi pa nakakahinga ang mga Tugade sa bagong bahay in they just moved in hindi pa kumplete ang mga kagamitan ni Malu na doon gawin ang reunion. Didn't matter. Dyahe man kay May....tuloy pa rin. And for the first time in so many days, nakakain din kami ng kanin at tilapia. After all the french fries, grilled chicken, hamburgers, pancakes, ang sarap kumain ng kanin at isda.

Penny dela Pena, came late cuz she was picked up by Dadet Talento and Edith Umali. She called up May and asked kung sino na nag present. Ako pa lang at that time. Then she called again. May said "Andito na si Carol." Sabi ni Penny, "Ayaw ko nang pumunta diyan. Puro mauutak ang na-andiyan." Loka! She was so agitated that wala pa sina Dadet cuz her beautiful hair was already going limp. And she took so much time just to make sure her hair was all fixed up so we can admire it. Sa totoo lang, talagang ang kapal ng buhok niya. And take note...wala pang puting buhok. Sabi ko nga "Meron na iyan. Sa kapal lang, hindi mo makita." I had to pull her hair to make sure it wasn't fake or a transplant. It was like a lion's mane. She kept saying her famous line "You can mess up my life. But don't mess up my hair." She also decided to drop the nickname Penny cuz "Cheap, eh. Penny lang ako?"

Sabi ni Penny, one time Louella called her up daw in her office and introduced herself as "Sharon Stone." Nataranta daw iyong Japanese niyang officemate and he started shouting, "Elizabeth....It's Sharon Stone!" Diyos ko! Hanggang sa Amerika....

You should see Carol Gochoco. Malapit-lapit ng manganak, sexy pa rin...! Dadet on the other hand is so SLIM. She's really into this health stuff and is an authority on calories and the like. She's a true health nut… Edith just got a new job. Congratulations! Her two daughters are with her and transition muna ngayon… Marissa Maceda is offering her house for future reunions. Will keep that in mind. Thanks… May on the other hand is still the May we know. They decided to move to Tarzana so that they are closer to their kid's school. Siya ang napalayo but then again, that's more convenient for everyone… Ginny Chico wanted to follow but she was an hour away in San Dimas pa and we were already packing up. She just got home from Bear County and as a result, decided to drive to SF to attend the next reunion na lang.

We watched the Homecoming tape and I had to keep pointing to people and telling them who they were. Mabilis daw kasi nga ang video and you have to be fast when you watch it otherwise you miss out on some pictures and faces… We all had fun and ended up staying up to dinnertime. Thanks, Mae!