Subj: SPCM '78 Reunion sa L.A.

Date: 5/25/00 10:50:39 AM Mountain Daylight Time

Just want to share with you the events that took place last Sunday, May 21 at Todai Restaurant in Glendale, CA. This is Marela's official press release…--Lisa Cendaña

Dear amigas,

I'd like to thank all our dear classmates who took the time and effort to attend our mini-reunion at Todai in Glendale.We all really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! My tummy still hurts from all the laughing we did. And of course, my lower jaw is still kinda sore from the non-stop talking. And I mean non-stop. I had to remind Lisa Cendaña to stop for a few seconds and eat her lunch, dahil sayang naman ang binayad ng bruha. Buffet pa naman. So for those who unfortunately could not be there, let me share with you the best experience I've had in years.

I got there a little early to make sure we had an area set up. In fact, I didn't like the initial location, so I had them move it to, where else, closer to the buffet. Around 12:30 p.m., Lisa and Bebeth arrived. After the initial hugging and screaming, we checked out old photos Lisa brought. Buti na lang pack rat si Lisa. Pati yung invitation ng junior prom natin, nandoon! Then later, Mayette and her two lovable daughters arrived. Niloko nga namin si Mayette dahil as usual, sexy pa rin. All in all, I think everyone pretty much still looks the same. I think we've managed to age quite well. Some, who looked good even in high school, look even better now, I think. Among them, Cecille Mumar, MJ Marcus and Tess Luna. Deserving of 36 sabunots each. So eventually, the others started arriving. Oochie Angeles arrived with a man I wasn't able to meet, and her wonderful artist of a mother, the very-much respected Cecilia Angeles (who pulled me aside and reminded me that many years ago, I wrote an article about her, which she saved). Oochie is super-bait pa rin. Her hair is much longer now, and she's so thin. Tapos, our dear Grace Robles arrived. Kind-hearted as ever. She's a nurse in the LA area. She is married and has a cute button of a daughter. Later, dumating din si Cecille with her lovely daughter, Misha, in tow. By the way, magkamukhang-magkamukha yung dalawa. Now around this time, I got really hungry and tired of pretending to ignore the food, so I said "Let's eat!'' And of course, as I was heading to the buffet, Cecille Mumar, in her usual bruhitic fashion, announced, "O ayan. Si Marela, nangu-nguna pa rin pagdating sa chibugan.'' Impakta talaga. But around 1:30, we were wondering if everyone would really show up. Sabi ni Bebeth, "Baka na-confuse yung iba dahil initially, you guys said Todai in Santa Monica.'' Sabi ko, "Baka since nandoon na sila, baka nag-reunion nalang yung mga bruha sa Santa Monica.''

But guess who walks in but the one and only Miss Pilucci. Dramatic entrance, kung baga. And her laugh, it's still there! Ganoon pa rin ang bruha. Now around 2:15 p.m., 15 minutes before the restaurant's closing time, guess who arrives? Good old Maricar Ortiz! Kawawa naman. It took her three hours to get to the place from Anaheim. And to think she drove all the way from the Bay Area to join us. Di bale, we all love you, Maricar.

We had lots of photos taken so I'm sure Lisa will scan them and send them out. But before we left, Oochie pulls out a bag filled with beautiful little souvenirs she made for us. She had miniature soap attached to a rolled up photocopy of our graduation photo. Galing ano? All in all, I wished we had more time.

Bitin nga talaga. Pero at least, we were able to get together after all these years. Kaya nga we should all show up in Vegas in July. Hay naku, there will be twice as much fun! We talked about our old teachers and kalokohans in school. Iba talaga. It's such a blessing for all of us to have each other. I will always be thankful to our good Lord for that!

Till our next reunion, take care, and love to all!