Hello to Everyone,

Finally, the three of us HS'75 Paulinians, Anamarie Paras, Leilani Lagdameo and myself met last Saturday, June 26. Lani was very kind to offer their residence for the get-together. Our husbands were there too, and the 2 kids of Ana/Willy shared with all the kwentos. The ever organized Anamarie, brought along her album of oldies,and shared with Lani the recent pics that Pita sent. Lani remembers pa nga pati family names. Of course with all of us having a camera each, walang tigil ang posing, "click","click" and click. Pauwi na lang humirit pa si Anamarie. Nag video din, though very short lang, pero full view kami, kaya you will be able to see yung mga size 2( times 10) namin. The moment we have the films developed, I will have them scanned para naman ma recall nyo kami. Okay lang tumawa after viewing the pics, kaya lang go to confession after, okay !!(ha!ha!). Kidding aside, I hope you enjoy them for we really had a grand time. Unfortunately Maritess, was unable to make it. Next time na lang.

Bye for now and God Bless you all and your loved ones.